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Victoria Stothard
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At the age of 31, Victoria Stothard has created and sold over 2000 works.

Eternally obsessed with art in every form she works prolifically, constantly striving to improve and experiment with every facet of art.

After developing throughout her G.C.S.E and A-level qualifications, she went on to complete an Art Foundation Course, a Textiles Crafts Degree, and later, graduated from a Fine Art BA (hons) Degree.

Being a constant advocate of experimental styles and diverse materials, she only exhibits and sells the works she feels best represent the highest quality, style and substance her talent can afford.

Influences upon her work show great diversity, from the symbolic botanical studies by artist Georgia O’Keefe to the starkly contrasting colour manipulation of Mark Rothko, the sculptural passion of Vivienne Westwood’s couture and thought provoking, emotive and energetic works of Damien Hirst and Jackson Pollock.

These influences are most apparent In her use of psychology, symbolic texture composition and colour, subtly influencing and manipulating the subconscious of the audience, through form and chameleonic use of variant colours and layered textures. Within Stothard’s work each pattern and texture tells a story, known only to the onlooker’s own unique experiences of the world, relating to their individual interpretations of colour and form and the meaning therein.

She also believes strongly that the beauty of the World encapsulated through the creativity and energy of art should be accessible to everyone, not only those with deep pockets, and so despite their popularity her works remain affordable.

Biography of publicised works

Works have featured on film, tv and editorial.
Works have featured in the set dressing for several films, including “Blade II” (02), “Chain Mail” (06), and upcoming release “We are Together” (08).
Editorial features include Good Housekeeping and Art Review Magazine (viral).
Tv features include: “House Doctor”, “Grand Designs” and “60 Minute Makeover”


Winner of The Works Annual Art Prize ‘07
Winner of the Art of Green and Blacks Art Prize 2010

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