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Party animals

Two friends who shows up in all parties.


Committee of friends

Even in the deep,there are like minds and they mingle together.


Turbulence 1

A tough experience of young mackerel fish trying to survive in the wild.



A mutitextured piece consisting of  tissue paper, inks, glue and oil pastels.



A warm contrasting textured collage.



A multitextured collage of paper, inks, bleech, oil pastels and finished with a touch of gold paint.


Miss Nouveau

A multitextured collage with an art nouveau feel.



A textured layered piece depicting driftwood with a soft creamy background.


Brown and Gold Abstract

This large contemporary piece is painted in rich brown contrasting tones with textured geometric sections. Gold leaf is applied onto the textured sections giving the painting added dimension and a distressed appearance. This piece was privately commissioned but if you want something similar, this could be undertaken. THIS PAINTING IS SOLD


Profile 6

Born in Salford, in 1977, in the midst of the British public’s dichotic taste battle between the anarchy and phlegm of punk rock, and the cheesy politeness of Abba, Paul Brown’s childhood was spent playing with his Transformer toys whilst images of boy George on ‘Wogan’ played in the corner of the living room. It is hardly surprising that he was to become fascinated with duality.

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