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Rachael Grumley
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Modern Contemporary

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I have been interested in art from a young age, having a keen eye and attention to detail.  I am inspired by things happen around me or I come into contact with from travel to a pattern on piece of wallpaper.  I also gain inspiration from music, I am a music lover and often draw on album artwork for new ideas.

At 16, I completed a GCSE in Textiles achieving the highest grade (A*).  Despite enjoying Textiles, I discovered a new calling in painting when taking Art & Design at A Level.  It was a this time that I became more independant in my work and begun to create my own style.  I found that I liked to create layers to my work, whether that be through use of different textures/mediums on a canvas or through pattern versus plain paint effects.  By the end of my A level qualification I had achieved the highest possible grade (A) and received a recognition from the exam board for gaining the top 5 mark in the UK in 2006 for Art & Design.

Despite my successes in the art field, I decided to pursue a different career path at degree level and have recently (July 2010) completed a Bsc (Hons) Clinical Language Sciences (Speech and Language Therapy) at Leeds Metropolitan University.  I now continue art as a hobby, however still maintain a great passion for painting and hope to pursue a career in the art field in the future given the oppoortunity.