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Paul Brown
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Isle of Wight
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Born in Salford, in 1977, in the midst of the British public’s dichotic taste battle between the anarchy and phlegm of punk rock, and the cheesy politeness of Abba, Paul Brown’s childhood was spent playing with his Transformer toys whilst images of boy George on ‘Wogan’ played in the corner of the living room. It is hardly surprising that he was to become fascinated with duality.

Paul’s art reflects a fascination with the awkward but often compelling co-existence between the continually shedding skins and disposable trends of modern day society and the foundations of human nature. An obsession with resurrecting the long discarded ‘next big things’ of popular culture is also a lynch-pin of Paul’s work.

Style-wise, Paul’s work has been described as Pop Art meets contemporary graffiti, together with images and humor reminiscent of Terry Gillian’s Monty Python animations; whilst the content confronts and challenges the stereotypical views and the general misconceptions and fears that surround alternative sub-cultures.